Update on top page, functions page, released Nollie BS shove-it

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Update on the top page

WebGL and related 3d technologies have been introduced to the market for some time now. Among them, there is this service called Vanta.js that allows us to install 3d wallpaper within a matter of a few codes. With this update, the background of the top page is decorated using vanta.js. What do you think?

Note: this "moving background" is disabled in Smartphone environment to reduce the data size of this site, especially for mobile internet connections.

Update functions page

Thanks to everyone's help, whythetrick now features multiple functions including "speed control", "transparency control" and everything.

With this update, you can see those functions systematically on one page.

Aside from the functions introduced in this content, there are "body axis" and "direction indicators" in the following contents.

  1. Pop shove-it weight distribution: features body and board axis.
  2. Timing of Treflip: features body weight indicators.

Please make a good use of them and give me a feedback if you have any request/idea!

Release: Nollie BS Shove-it

While being considered one of the easiest tricks that spin our boards, Nollie BS shove-its needs a little knack. For example, since your board lands behind you according to the physics, you need to find a way to jump behind without losing your balance.

With this content, you will be able to see how to properly distribute your weight and how to stay above the board the whole time using physics theories and simulations. Make sure to check out this content from an option in the menu or from here.

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