Frontside pop shove-it and Sneak Preview of upcoming project

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Frontside pop shove-it

In a frontside pop shove-it, you have to push the tail forward. But how do you do it when your knee doesn't bend forward??

We will break down the objective science and physics behind frontside pop shove it in this content.

Please make a good use of whythetrick functions and you will land your frontside pop shove-it in no time!

Sneak Preview

I'm more than excited to finally introduce transition tricks.

I thought it was going to be impossible to make 3D models of tranny tricks until I relearned some of the basic 3D modeling skills.

I think it all comes down to basics whether it's skateboarding or 3D modeling. I will be humble even more and will do my very best.

Anyway, I think I will talk about basic tranny tricks next. I'm thinking of BS 50-50. Is it too boring...?? Let's see what I should do.

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