Release of a new function: Clip background

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Summary of the function

Let's say you converted your video and you want to compare the converted result and the original clip.

You needed to open a movie player separately. There must be a better way.

How to use this function

Click the icon that says "clip background" and the clip will start automatically.

It may some time to load the clip depending on your internet environment. Please give it some time.

Note when using this function

This function is in a development stage and might contain errors. Below is a list of known errors that we are working to dissolve.

  1. It might not work with old clips. If something happens, please try re-converting your video.
  2. Invoking it multiple times on mypage causes an error. If you wish to display a new clip after displaying one, please reload the page and try invoking this function again.

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