image of a varial kickflip

Science of Varial Kickflip in skateboarding

Is there anyone who landed a Varial Kickflip before a Kickflip?

While a Varial Kickflip is more complex trick, a Varial Kickflip can be easier than a Kickflip under some conditions. We will analyze the science behind it and how to land a Varial Kickflip.


Jump before popping the tail.

Lift your body before popping the tail. As I said in the previous content, you can't flick your board with your body weight holding down your board.

Flick like a kickflip, but more forward.

The basic concept of the flick of a Varial Kickflip is the same as a Kickflip's. The only difference is the direction: You should flick forward or even to the toe side.


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Breakdown of the trick

Foot placement

I put my front foot before the bolts, backfoot in the pocket. If you want to pop higher, put your front foot back.


While approaching, keep your eyes on your front foot. Bend straight down with your weight slightly on the toe side. This difference between the center of gravity of your body and the board will be crucial to spin your board effectively.

Jump up

Lift your body straight upward and let your body gain upward momentum before popping. Your body goes to the toe side, and your board spins backside by pushing the ground straight down with your weight distributed to the toe side.

You don't have to spin your board: It is a result of the weight distribution.


You can finally pop when your body reaches high enough. Trying to pop too early makes it harder to pop, as your body still has the energy to hold your board down.


After everything, it's time to flick.

Unlike a Kickflip, you should flick your front foot straight forward or slightly to the toe side to avoid blocking its horizontal spin.


Let's study the trick further in detail.

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Trouble Shooting

Let's study the trick further in detail.

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