AI Visualizes the Movements of Decisive Moments
- Motion Echo Player

An innovative tool that can be used for various sports, including skateboarding. Simply upload a video, and the AI will add motion trails and provide frame-by-frame analysis of body movements.

How to use


Upload a video

Select a file, play the video, and the system automatically analyzes it.


Stop at the point of interest

Stop the video at the moment you want to analyze the movement, such as the moment of a jump.


Adjust frames

Select frames at the top of the video and display up to the past 5 frames of motion.

Please upload a video

System Features

AI removes background

AI automatically extracts only the silhouettes of people needed for motion analysis and removes distracting backgrounds

Online & Free

Works on web browsers and free to use. No install required.

Focus on frames you like

Analyze motions by selecting up to last 5 frames from the latest frame

Adjustable tracking interval

Tracking interval can be adjusted from 0.05 to 0.2 seconds based on your needs

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