New release of Varial Kickflip, update on the About us page, and mobile usability improvement!

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Varial Kickflip

For some reason, many people dislike Varial Kickflips. Regardless, not only are they fun, but also they are packed of the science of skateboarding.

While a varial kickflip has some essence of a Kickflip, it also shares some important elements with a Treflip.

And this content will be the foundation that allows us to compare those tricks scientifically

Just fyi, I'm talking about the basic concept of this trick on my youtube channel.

Update functions page

The About us page was quite messy and not effective to convey my message.

Mobile usability improvement

Some minor modifications on the following items:

  • CSS and server side coding modification on the top page.
  • Modification on the appearance of the breadcrumb.
  • CSS modification on individual trick pages.

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