Site renewal, auto 3D converter, update on menu's usability

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Site renewal

Thank you for using whythetrick, as always. We are pleased to announce that we have renewed our website.

  • OLD:
  • NEW:
  • The older URLs are automatically redirected to the newer ones including lower directories. For example, redirects to

    Along with the update on the site's URL, the appearance of the top page has also been updated for users' better site experience.

Introducing auto-converter

Whythetrick proudly presents to you our AI-based, deep-learning automatic motion capture system. Traditionally in whythetrick, you could only see and control ready-to-use 3D models that we prepared.

With this update, everyone can easily convert their movement into 3D animations. Simply drop a file of your choice, and the system automatically detects motions in your video and converts it into a 3D animation.

After converting your motion, you can control the 3D model you just created: change the camera angle, adjust play speed, and add supplementary information such as grid lines, etc. Hopefully, this helps as many people as possible to learn new tricks.


After making your account, you can enter the "converter" page. NOTE: Without logging in, you will be redirected to the login page. Please make an account first.

To convert your video, select or drop a file you want to convert and click "Run system" on the bottom right.

Clicking the button turns the UI into an orange state. Please wait until the system completes the conversion process, which may take some time.

Once ready, the UI turns back into a grey state. Then the hexagon part in the lower section starts working, and you can view/control your 3D animation.


Making an account gives you one more option: you will have your "mypage." There, you can view 3D animations that you converted in the past. Click the "data icon" on the left, and the system invokes related data and installs it into the 3D model.

You can store up to 3 animations with a free plan. We are currently working on paid plans that feature better functions, including an increased number of videos you can convert, SNS-like functions and exporting functions, etc.

Update on menu

Lastly, the menu in the global navigation section.

We used to have to mouse over the menu to open it. And it used to close as soon as the mouse stepped out of the area of the menu. It was stressful.

Now the menu opens/closes by clicking on the link button.

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