Should you learn Treflip after Varial Flip?

Last updated: 2023/05/26

Do I have to learn Varial Flip before Treflip?

No, they flip due to completely different mechanics.

We will analyze the scientific difference between a Varial Flip and a Treflip. They flip due to entirely different mechanics, and how you use your back foot is not the only difference. Let's science it.


Varial Kickflip and Kickflip flip due to different mechanics

Varial flip: Your front foot causes a flip.

Treflip: The rear bushings cause a flip.

Therefore, although they might share the same movement at some points, they are on different learning ladders.

How to practice Varial Kickflip?

Pop in the same way as a Pop Shove-it. Use the tip of your toe and flick the nose straight forward instead of the side of the nose. Click here for more detail.

How to practice Treflip?

Focus on twisting your back foot inward around the vertical axis (z-axis). Avoid swinging your back foot to spin your board: You can spin your board if you put your weight on the toe side and pop straight down as your body's center of gravity pushes the tail backward. Click here for more detail.


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Reasons each trick flips

What causes a flip in a Varial flip?

A Varial kickflip combines a Kickflip and a Pop Shove-it with minor adjustments, and the front foot causes a flip. As evidence, the board doesn't flip when you pop too hard, and your front foot misses your board.

The board's 180 degrees rotation is a product of your weight being on the toe side and popping the tail straight down, which lets your back foot push the tail backward, not because of a scoop.

What causes a flip in a Treflip?

Unlike a Varial flip, your back foot causes a flip in a Treflip, not the front foot. Like I said in the previous content, your front foot leaves your board even before it has any chance to give a flick.

The board flips due to the bounce of the rear bushings. You bend the rear truck as you scoop the tail, and it causes a flip when it tries to return to its original state.

Detailed physics of a Treflip

You can't flip your board when you push down the rear truck while standing on the ground. The board comes up when you scoop the tail, decreasing the moment of inertia, then the bounce of the rear truck can flip the board sufficiently.

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