How to improve pose accuracy

Last updated: 2023/03/30


1. Keep individual body parts visible inside the frame of view throughout your video.
2. Try to show the whole parts of your body throughout the whole video.

Upload video

Location in the video

The system tries to detect the most prominent human pose in an uploaded video. Try to keep yourself in the center of your video the whole time.

Bright environment

Similar to the reason stated above, a clear input helps the system detect your pose data more effectively. Try to record yourself under bright, clear environment.

Keep your body in the frame the whole time

The system cannot estimate your pose data unless if it doesn't appear in the frame. Try to keep your body within the frame of your video the whole time for the best estimation result.

Make yourself the most prominent in the video the whole time.

The system can detect ONLY ONE, THE MOST PROMINENT person in your video. Make yourself stand out the most in your video the whole time, otherwise the system may estimate someone else.

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    1. Hi thanks for the comment. Have you tried zooming out? You may use your scroll button or two fingers if you are using your phone.

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