Analyze the science of skateboarding with 3D animations and AI technologies.
Convert 2D video into 3D animation, diagnose issues and find solutions, browse interactive 3D animations.

Trick Diagnosis

Find solutions of common problems in skateboarding.

A web-based, self-diagnosis system which allows you to find solutions you may encounter in skateboarding.

Answer simple questions and the system automatically generates a list of recommendations. Each recommendation comes with visual explanation and scientific, fact-based explanations.

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Convert your 2D video 3D animations with ease.

AI Converter

Our AI automatically converts your movements into animations with a few clicks.
  • Fast and accurate detection of more than 20 joint locations.
  • Smoothing to reduce the choppiness inherent to pose estimation systems.
  • Up to 10 conversions available with a free account.
  • Multi-device compatible such as PC, SP, and tablets.
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3D viewer

Provides tools for detailed analysis of converted 3D animations.
  • Adjustable camera position, angle, magnification and playback speed.
  • Display the original video in the background and compare it with the actual motion.
  • Conversion results can always be viewed from MyPage.
  • Converted animations can be published.
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Skaters have been making commitments, pushing their limits farther. But they could not effectively pass on their experience to others without the right tool.

Consequently, traditional skateboarding tutorials always went like this:

  • Flick as hard as possible
  • Jump higher and try to stay in the air longer
  • Pop straight downward, etc

Although they may be correct, none of them could effectively describe what pros truly meant.

Instead, we need objective science behind tricks. By understanding the "WHYs" of tricks, everyone will be able to learn tricks more effectively.

With whythetrick's deep-learning mocap engine, you can enjoy these features:

  • Drag & Drop and the system converts your video into a 3D animation.
  • Change the camera angle and zoom in/out to detail your problem.
  • Show gridlines to see how far you should move.
  • Adjust play speed and make it super-slow if you have to.
  • Change the transparency of objects to see what you could not in the traditional tutorials.

Whythetrick's ultimate purpose is to create an eco-system where the entire human race can systematically store its knowledge and boost its evolution.

Be part of it. We are changing the future together.

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