Key to consistent Treflip - Scoop when your body's going up

Last updated: 2023/05/26

Why does your Treflip not flip?

Because your body is holding your board down.

Some people can Treflip or Shove-it so lightly. Understanding how a steezy Treflip is possible helps you land yours. Above everything, the most crucial question in this video is: Can you scoop your board when your entire body is holding it down?


What does it take to complete a rotation in Treflip?

It's all in the scoop of the back foot, like everyone says. Focus on twisting your back foot around the vertical axis and avoid swinging it forcefully (How to scoop and Mechanics of Treflip).

Why does a Treflip NOT flip?

Your board effectively flips/rotates if you wait until your body elevates sufficiently. Your body holds the movement of your body by scooping the tail too early. You can scoop the tail lightly when your body has the momentum to go up.


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Let's start by breaking down what it takes to Treflip according to the timeline.

First, we have to crouch down and elevate our bodies. The scoop comes only after this sequence. In fact, in this sequence lies an essential key to the lightness of Treflips that could also help you flip your board a lot more effectively.

Visualization using 3D models

Explanation of components

The orange arrow means the force your backfoot applies to your board, and the blue one is that of your front foot. And this weight indicator in front is a visualized weight of your board to show you how pushing down on your board makes it heavier and when that happens.

When standing on the ground

You naturally push down the floor to hold your body against gravity.

When you start crouching down

That force decreases because your body's center of gravity is practically free-falling, and you don't have to fight gravity.

When your weight reaches a point where it cannot go any lower

Your legs push down the ground harder due to the acceleration you gained while falling toward the ground.

When you jump back up

You have to extend your legs while pushing down the board, which makes it virtually heavier.

When your body is going up

Your board becomes lighter if you wait until your body has the momentum to go up, as nothing pushes your board anymore.

Timing of scoop

Note before scooping

You should avoid crouching down and jumping up too quickly. The energy you have to generate skyrockets by jumping right after reaching the lowest part you can get by having to fight the downward momentum you gained while going down. Your legs need to push down the ground even harder as your legs absorb such momentum.

Hold your movement to dissipate the downward momentum

Hold your movement momentarily after crouching down(Only the slightest second will do). By doing this, the downward acceleration disappears without having to do anything, making it easier to jump back up.

What does it have to do with steezy Treflips?

This is one of the reasons why you can't flip your board lightly and why some people can do steezy Treflips. In other words, they don't lower themselves too much. Doing so reduces the amount of energy they need to endure, eventually making it easier to continue the next movements, which may be scoop or pop depending what they are trying to do.

Lift your body AND scoop

After crouching down and holding your movement, you are ready to jump up. According to physics, you must push down your board to lift your body, making your board heavier and making it harder to scoop it.

So, try to separate elevating your body and scooping. Make sure you start scooping AFTER feeling your body is going up.

Common Questions

Why does a Treflip underrotate/underflip?

Have you ever crouched down and stood up on a weight scale? The scale goes up and down because your body's center of gravity gains downward momentum by crouching down. When the center of gravity hits the lowest point it can reach, your muscles have to absorb such energy.

You can't scoop the tail during such time as you cannot twist your back foot effectively while it fights against gravity and presses down your board.

Is it wrong to crouch down too low?

Crouching down itself is not evil. Although crouching down may increase the extent of gravity your body needs to fight before jumping, jumping without crouching down is not easy. Plus, some people adjust timing by crouching down. It is more important to dissipate the downward momentum by holding your movement after crouching down.

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