Physics of Foot plant on flat ground

Last updated: 2024/07/06

There are countless ways to have fun in skateboarding without an Ollie.

Footplants like a Boneless are relatively easy, yet you can gain height and have many variations. In this video, I will introduce the physics of Footplants, how to do them, and their variations.


Two ways to Foot plant

There are two ways to do a Footplant: grab the board first or take your front foot off first and then grab the board. This article focuses on the latter method for higher jumps and maintaining speed.

Mechanism of the Foot-Planting Trick

Removing the front foot's force allows the back foot's force on the tail to lift the board's front, making the Footplant trick possible.


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Types of foot plant

There are two ways to Footplant. One is to grab the board from the beginning and take your front foot off before jumping; the other is to take off your front foot first and grab the board as it comes up. In this video, I will explain the latter method, which allows you to jump higher and keep your speed.

The mechanism of the foot-planting trick

First, let's examine the physical phenomena that work on the board. When you are standing on it, both feet push it down equally. As you remove the force of the front foot holding it down, only the force of the back foot on the tail remains and lifts the board's front.

How to use the front foot

It is a common misconception that you should jump off the board to remove your front foot, but it's a bit different. Place your front foot only on the toe with the heel hanging off, rotate it around a vertical axis, and it slips off the board.

Grabbing the board

Once the board starts to lift, simply grab it and jump. You can grab anywhere. Grabbing the toe side is Boneless, and grabbing the heel side is Bean Plant. After grabbing the board, swing it higher to gain more height.


The foot plant's strength is in versatility. Once you get the feeling of grabbing the board, it opens up to so many other options. Since it is similar to a No Comply 180, FS180 is easy. BS180, Sex Change, Finger Flip, Finger Tre Flip, etc. Find the variation that suits you best.

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