Increased maximum videos you can convert, sneak preview of the custom background.

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Convert more with the free plan.

You could convert only 3 videos with the free plan. With this update, you will be able to convert as many as 10 videos. Please try converting your videos and send your feedback.

Your mypage has also been updated due to this update, allowing you to refer to maximum 10 videos.

**The available maximum number may change in the future.

Sneak preview of the custom background

Being able to convert your video is good, but more is needed.

You should be able to compare your movement between a 2D video you upload and a converted 3D model for better understanding.

With this update, you will be able to project a custom video background behind your model that adjusts its size to your 3D model. This function is planned to be released as soon as January 2023.

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