Convert 2D video into 3D animation

With whythetrick, you can generate a 3D animation from a 2D video.
This article explains how the system works and how to use it.


A whole new knowledge sharing experience is here.

AI Automatic Conversion

Creating 3D animations usually takes long and requires specialized knowledge and tools. Whythetrick's AI automatically converts your videos into 3D animations so anyone can convert their movements into 3D animations.
Upload any video and the AI will automatically generate the animation with high speed and accuracy.

3D viewer

Whythetrick's 3D viewer provides a complete set of tools for detailed analysis of converted animations.
You can adjust the camera angle, magnification, and playback speed, and display an original video on the background screen and grid lines for detailed analysis of the motion. For more information, please see the list of tools.


The system works on any device, including PCs, smartphones, and tablets. No special software installation is required, as it runs in an ordinary web browser.
Generated animations can be viewed, published, or withdrawn at any time from My Page, so you can use them to get advice from others.


Usefull tools that help you analyze your motions in depth.

Play & Stop

Start & stop the animation or return to any position by operating the seek bar.

Camera Adjustment

Left click to change the camera angle, right click to change its position, use the wheel to change magnification.

Play Speed

You can adjust the playback speed to your desired speed by operating the speed icon from the toolbar.


Display gridlines in the XY axis and visualize the distance of the animation.

Video Background

Project the original video on the background screen and compare it with the animation.


You can publish the converted animation on the web as an individual page.


Please follow the steps to convert your video.

1 Account Registration

Please register your information to start using this service. The system supports SNS account linkage. Please start from here.

2 Convert

Upload a video you want to convert. The system automatically converts it into a 3D animation. Use the converter after registration.

3 Browse & Share

You can always browse converted animations from My Page and share it on the web as an individual page.


Convert your video into a 3D animation

Whythetrick's AI engine lets you convert motion data in a 2D video into a 3D animation with a click of a button. You don't need special equipment such as pose detection markers or special clothes. Take a movie on your phone and drop it on the system, and it generates a 3D animation from your 2D video.

Learning experience unlike any other service

You can analyze your motion objectively and scientifically by generating 3D animation: you can adjust the camera angle, model transparency, add supplementary information such as grid lines, and compare the converted result and the original video.

Accelerate the evolution of the human race

You can share generated 3D animations with the world, and everyone will be able to browse, compare and comment on your animations. By doing so, Whythetrick aims to help the entire human race evolve more effectively.