Stance of skateboarding: Regular or Goofy

Last updated: 2023/02/09

How do I choose my stance?

Preference, dominant foot and style etc. What's important is to find one that you find comfortable.

Deciding your stance is the very first step of skateboarding. Although you could change your stance anytime, it is important to choose the right one by understanding why one stance is more suitable to you than the other one.


Find the right stance

Generally, your dominant foot should be the "backfoot" so you can pop, push, turn more effectively. But it comes down to your preference. Make sure to try different stances and find one you feel comfortable.

Fakie is basically your main stance, its direction's the only difference.

Unlike the Switch stance, the Fakie stance is just another form of your main stance. So if you spin in the same direction as you do in the main stance, that spin is called as it is in the main stance.

When you change your stance, that's Switch

If you are regular and change your leading foot from your left foot to right foot, that's Switch. Names of spin tricks' become the opposite in this case.


What does the Regular/Goofy Stance mean in Skateboarding?

Regular and goofy, there are two stances in skateboarding. Regular footed skaters ride their boards with their left foot forward and Goofy skaters ride in the opposite way.

What causes this difference?

It's not just about skaters' preference. In general, skaters push the ground with their dominant foot so they can push harder. Also, we usually find it easier to put their weight on their dominant foot. When turning or popping the tail to perform tricks, as we have to push down the tail with our weight on the dominant foot, it is generally preferable to put the dominant foot on the rear side of the board.

How to find your stance


Although this comes down to your preference, the dominant foot should be in the back when you are standing on the board. Your right foot tends to be your dominant foot if you are right-handed and vise versa. If you are not sure which foot is your dominant foot, try these:

  • Kick a ball. The one you use is your dominant foot.
  • Have someone push your back. The one you use to stop yourself from falling is your dominant foot.
  • Stand still and prepare to sprint. The one that goes back and kicks the ground is your dominant foot.

What if you don't like your stance?

You may determine your stance based on your preference. Some people put their dominant foot forward so don't worry too much about it and find a stance that you find comfortable.

Variations of the stance

Main Stance

The normal stance that you usually stand on your deck. This becomes foundation of every trick and style. Practice pushing enough so you feel comfortable just riding it.

Nollie Stance

Your front foot on the nose, backfoot somewhere on the board (usually on the rear bolts). When you perform tricks, you pop the nose with your front foot instead of your backfoot.

Fakie Stance

Foot placement is just the same as your main stance: front foot on the bolts, backfoot on the tail. The only difference is the direction you move. This time, your backfoot becomes a leading foot.


The opposit of your main stance: if you are regular, your your left foot on the tail, right foot on the front bolts.

Directions of Spin

Main - Frontside

Front Side is often written as F/S. While F/S 180 is considered one of most basic tricks, front side turn on transitions is always scarly.

Main - Backside

Bask Side is often written as B/S. B/S 180s are usually harder than F/S 180s as you can't see where you'll be landing. On the contrary, it is easier to turn backside on transitions.

Nollie - Frontside

By popping the nose, you can perform nollie F/S 180. It's just F/S 180 but it is a lot harder than normal F/S 180 for some people as your slidefoot could easily lose contact with your board.

Nollie - Backside

Pop the nose wifh your front foot and turn backside, then you can perform nollie B/S 180. This could also be harder than normal ones.

Fakie - Frontside

Unlike the Switch stance, Fakie is the main stance that goes to the other direction. So Fakie F/S 180 spins in the same direction in the main stance: counter clockwise.

Fakie - Backside

Again, Fakie is another form of the main stance. So if you pop the tail and spin clockwise, that is Fakie B/S 180 even when your shoulders open up to the direction you are going to.

Switch - Frontside

The opposite stance and direction of spin and often expresses as S/W. So if your regular F/S means counter clockwise spin, your switch F/S means clockwise spin.

Switch - Back side

This also means the other direction of your main stance's counter part. Some Switch tricks can be easier but switch B/S 180s can be often difficult.

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