The line of sight in Bs 5050, modified rigging and more!

Last updated: 2023/01/27

The line of sight in Bs 5050

Bs 5050s are always intimidating trick in skateboarding. And I think the majority of common mistakes should be attributed to the line of sight.

With this content, you can see the visualized line of sight in bs 5050. If you are interested, please visit here.

Which model's better?

It might sound obvious but one of the hardest parts of making 3D animations is to make 3D models. The models need to be constantly updated for better user experience.

This time, I made two updates on my 3D model.

Shortened the models' height

The previous model was taller and was 180cm tall. Although he looked smarter that way, in order for me to be able to reflect my movement precisely, I needed to shorten him a bit. Now he is 170cm tall. Sorry for him.

Modified shoulder riggings

Shoulders of previous 3D model was just not good. There were weird bumps and dents all over the place. With this update, you won't see any of that in the future. If you compare the two shoulders, you could tell which one's better.

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