New function: Introducing Progress indicator, Ground slide toggle, and More!

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Progress Indicator

I admit, it used to take long time to load 3d models on this web site. You might have left pages you wanted to see due to long processing time, especially when you are at a skatepark and want to check out a movement quickly.

With this update, not only can you display 3D models much faster, you can also see files' progress status as follows.

Hope this can provide all skaters with 3d experience.

Tool Box

With more and more tools being developed, It was being difficult to see the whole picture of skateboarding tricks sometimes.

So I decided to put them all in a tool box.

Please click the tool icon on the bottom right when you want to use any tool.

Ground slide toggle switch

I believe I am not the only one feels dizzy when looking at the "moving gridline" for a long time. Especially when you want to focus on one specific aspect of a trick, it was really distracting.

So you can effectively analyze the detail of tricks, I just installed a "ground move toggle switch." Click the following icon to toggle movement of the ground.

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