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Tool box

Click this icon and open the tool box.


Display X and Y axes gridlines.

Clip background

Display an original clip behind 3D model.


Adjust transparency and see through 3D mode.

Ground move

Move/Stop the ground.

ON/OFF touch

(De)activate interactivity.

Full screen

Enter/Exit the full screen mode.

Click to load.

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[Converter] Good Example - Ollie

Trick: Ollie

Author name: admin

Last updated: 2023/07/06

Accuracy: 0%n/a

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Tips to improve estimation accuracy:

  • Keep your whole body visible throughout your video. In this case, my left arm disappears in the middle of the video making it impossible to track its movement for the system.
  • You may move sideways. Doing tricks stationary might improve the pose estimation accuracy but it will have minimum impact.
  • Level your camera and your body. In this case the camera is looking up my body and the system is not being able to detect accurate locations of my body parts.

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