Function update, BS 5050 on a flat ledge!

Last updated: 2023/01/27

Function update: Ground starts "cold" now

I thought it was going to be fun and visibly helpful to have the ground moving especially when I talk about flat ground tricks like kickflips and treflips. So I installed the "moving ground" function. Turned out, sometimes it made me feel really dizzy and some of my precious viewers gave me the same kind of feedbacks.

Due to this, now the ground texture doesn't move right after loading animations. You can always turn it on my clicking the "move ground" icon. Please make a good use of it.

Backside 50-50

New post about backside 50-50 is now available.

This is my first time making a 3d model that is moving (as in the model changes its location in addition to its animation).

Please visit the page and let me know what you think from here

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