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Tool box

Click this icon and open the tool box.


Display X and Y axes gridlines.

Clip background

Display an original clip behind 3D model.


Adjust transparency and see through 3D mode.

Ground move

Move/Stop the ground.

ON/OFF touch

(De)activate interactivity.

Full screen

Enter/Exit the full screen mode.

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Ollie from the bellie side

Trick: Ollie

Author name: admin

Last updated: 2023/07/06

Accuracy: 0%n/a

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https://whythetrick.io/feed/ollie-from-the-bellie-side/ Copy

To improve conversion accuracy, pay attention to the following factors:
a) Record yourself under a strong-enough light source.
b) Keep your whole body in the frame of view throughout your video.
c) Shoot yourself from a horizontally leveled angle.
d) You don't have to record yourself while standing stationaly. But try keeping yourself in the center when the system can't convert your movement correctly.
e) Your video doesn't have to be slowed-down like this one.

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